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. call Techmart 2015

     The sixteenth Exhibition of Technological and Research Achievements will be held from 14th to 17th December, 2015, in Tehran International Fair Complex. A major part of the exhibition will be dedicated to the achievements of universities, research institutes, science and technology parks, technological incubation centers and start-ups. In addition to introducing new technologies, various programs including workshops related to the Techmart will be held. Moreover, the TechMart provides a new and alternative atmosphere for commercialization with the presence of research and technology funds, investors, and consultation services institutes regarding intellectual property. The TechMart Secretary Office invites universities, research institutes, R&D centers, technologists, start-ups and companies to attend this important event.



·        Technology offer and request forms are available at:  



Contact person in Iran: Mrs. Nour Rizk

                                         Tel: +98 13 33442512



Foreigners attendance:

     This exhibition especially focuses on small- and medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups, seeking international collaborations and new market opportunities. Recent technological progresses in Iran and extensive demand for international connections, along with the improved international atmosphere after recent agreement, have opened a large area for international trade, technology transfer, joint ventures, investments and mutual projects. This matter is recognized clearly by several international big key companies that visited Iran for this purpose just recently (e.g. Daimler, Mercedes, Volkswagon, BASF, Siemens and Krupp, among a group of 100 German businesspersons and governmental authorities, July 20, 2015).

Greenmatech Company and network is considered as the co-organizer of Guilan Science and Technology Park which is the main organizer and secretariat of Techmart 2015 supported by several mentioned ministries and key organizations, to invite international companies to Techmart 2015, according to the Authorization Letter No. 3584 dated September 16, 2015. GreEnMaTech can support relevant facilities required for advertising the products and services of the selected companies active in certain fields. Please contact us in this regard.


Contact person (international): Dr. Sajjad Abbasi

                                                  Tel: +49 15750201275, +98 9121795748





Important features of the Techmart 2015 event:

·        The most important and biggest technology trade show in Iran.

·        Complete coverage of the event and news by Iranian and International broadcasting agencies during the whole 4 days of the event.

·        Attendance of several ministries, organizations and governmental authorities of Iran, including Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and its R&D departments; Ministry of Research, Science and Technology; Ministry of Agriculture; Ministry of Health and Medical Education; and Organization of Environmental Protection.

·        Attendance of big private and governmental companies, looking for innovative technologies.

·        Attendance of many strong investors of Iran.

·        Attendance of several ambassadors of foreign countries in Iran.

·        Attendance of many strong investors of neighboring countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and Pakistan.


Exhibitors have the opportunity to:

·        Make connections with clients attending in the Trade Show.

·        Design a custom-built booth.

·        Have dedicated meeting with governmental authorities and decision makers of technology management and industrial projects in Iran.

·        Have dedicated meeting with many end users.

·        Use a flexible booth area.

·        Visit some related companies and client company sites in Iran.

·        Make connections with investors attending the Trade Show.

·        Make connections with manufacturers in the exhibition for contract manufacturing or renting their production line.

·        Discussion about a particular market with more than 200 million populations in Iran and neighboring countries.




In case of any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

DR. M.Mottaghitalab

Head of the Exhibition & TechMart Secretary Office

in the Sixteenth Technology and Research Festival



Exhibition & Techmart Secretary Office

Tel: + 98 13 33461560 , 33461541-3

Fax: +98 13 33461531

Add: Administrative complex, Entezam Non level Intersection, Beheshti Blv., Rasht,  Guilan, I.R.Iran

P.O.Box: 41635-1719      


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Address: Administrative complex, Entezam Sq, Beheshti Blv, Rasht, Guilan, I.R.Iran
P.O.Box: 41635-1719
Tel: +98 13 33461560 , 33461541-3
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