16th Research and Technology Exhibition, 14-17 December, 2015 Technology Offer Form
Individual Applicant: First and family name of the technology main applicant: (if the applicant is a Individual, please complete this section)Education level: Phone:email:Postal address:postal code:Mobile:
Legal Applicant:Company/ Institute name: First and family name of the manager/ legal representative: Phone: Mobile: Email:Web Site: Postal address: Postal code/ P.O box: (for applicants from agencies or government bodies)
1- The information provided in this form for the 2015 Techmart Secretary Office will have a key role in motivating technology requesters and investors. Please fill the form with precision and patience.2- In case the Secretary Office approves the information submitted and succeeds in persuading the investor, the next step for finalizing the commercialization agreement will take place with the cooperation of the person/company.3- The Secretary Office does not hold any responsibility in the presentation of projects which do not contain precise and reliable information.Notes:
Technology Title:
Technology specification: other tools to encourage investors to take part and reach an agreement):
(what are the functional uses of this technology What improvement does it ?The benefits of the technology provide for different fields includes: industry, agriculture, environment, health, etc.):
Notes:(Please specify the technology using figures, pictures, schemes, or any other