Techmart is a place for the transaction of technology and organizing the course of transferring technology and the systematic, constant and sustainable offering and demanding of various forms of technologies using a specific commercial mechanism.
Techmart can take form in national, regional or international level and in specialized subjects with the purpose of facilitating, accelerating and smooth running the trade of technology.

The Objective of the Technology Market
  • Laying the groundwork for introducing and launching technologies and technological capabilities in different specialized areas particularly Hi-tech
  • Initiating applicable situation for commercialization of the results and achievements of applied and developmental researches
  • Developing the knowledge-based economic activities through giving way to investment opportunities and encouraging the private sector

The Process
  • The process of launching technology by the vendor
  • The process of selecting technology by the customer
  • The process of evaluation the technology
  • The legal/financial process in technological transactions
  • The process of transferring and applying the technology in the place intended by the customer
  • The process of localization / improving technology in the bilateral commitments

Techmart Executive committee
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P.O.Box: 41635-1719
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Fax: +98 13 33461531
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